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"The best example is to be the example."

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Jalan Andrews


Jalan Andrews is originally from a small town by the name of Thomaston, Ga where he has been blessed to have two amazing parents. He’s also been blessed to be the middle child of two brothers. In May of 2014, he made a decision to further his education by attending Clark Atlanta University (CAU) in Atlanta, GA. Attending CAU increased his exposure and forced him to expand his mind, which was extremely challenging and uncomfortable at times.

After graduating college in 2018, he was presented with a full-time offer from Oracle, in Austin, TX, to begin his corporate career as a Business Development Consultant. This was the first time he’d been so far from home, which caused him to face many cultural shocks and challenges—to the point where moving back home seemed to be the best solution. That was the initial plan, but then one conversation with a mentor suddenly changed everything.

Jalan now understands that every day that we are blessed to open our eyes and live, we are being granted the opportunity to represent those that have come before us, and set a precedent for those that will come after us. When we begin to live a life that is full of intention, purpose, and impact, we begin to better understand life's ultimate mission, which is to serve.

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“Plans are man-made; vision is God Given. Although the plans may change, the vision should always remain the same”
– Jalan Andrews

Jalan Andrews | No Fear Attached

Jalan Andrews | No Fear Attached

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